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    This man has a name.  His name is Frank Embree.

    He was falsely accused of raping a 14-year-old white girl.

    Embree maintained his innocence but confessed after receiving over 100 lashes.

    With tears pouring down his face, he agreed to own up to the charges if the police agreed not to torture him any further.

    He was castrated, skinned (front and back), lynched and burned alive in front of a cheering crowd on July 23, 1889.

    Never Forget.

    If you are American this is your history, don’t ignore it. Make sure that you make up for it by changing America today.

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    so like…..how do some of yall cope with having no personality in the real world?? a place that doesnt allow you to use reaction gifs…?

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    Oscar de la Renta has passed away at the age of 82, but he will always be remembered through his work and legacy.

    Oprah Winfrey and Oscar de la Renta, photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, July 2010.

    See his legendary designs in the pages of Vogue.

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    im fuckin dying 

    "all she wanted was to eat her chicken nuggets in peace…"

    I am fucking screaming

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    I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of

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    Fashion blogger, The Slumflower



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